User Interface and experience
3 months
June - Sept 2021
UI/UX Designer
Under Guidance of Soham Tikekar, Homejam
This project was basically the work I did during my internship at HomeJam. I worked on their new proprietary product called HomeJam, a video conferencing platform aimed towards creatives for innovative education. Since the company has a partial NDA over the research and design I did, the following contains everything that can be shared outside of the NDA.
About HomeJam
Zoho inventory is the mobile standalone app of the popular web app of the same name. This app aims to bring all the inventory and billing features of the web app to your phone.
My role at HomeJam
The goal of this project is to redesign the Zoho Inventory Mobile app to make it more user friendly and self sufficient enough to go toe to toe with the biggest apps in the mobile inventory industry.

Understanding Research

Market share of competitors
Direct and indirect competitors
Swot analysis of major competitors
SWOT analysis of Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams
Qualities to look for in a Video conferencing Solution.
A few things to consider before choosing a video conferencing platform
Key insights on video conferencing platforms
Mapping out the key insights identified through the research
The real thing
What actually matters in the end
Defining HomeJam's thought process
Figuring out how to make HomeJam standout out of numerous other products
Final project goals
What homejam needs to achieve as a whole


Information Architecture (General)
Structuring the platform into its respective parts
Information Architecture (Commerce)
Structuring the commerce part of the platform.
The Commerce system
The two way path information architecture
The whole process of ‘COMMERCE’  is basically the ‘capital interaction’ between the teachers and their students via our platform.

A universal ‘Marketplace / Homejam Class Library’ could be setup, where the teachers can publish their classes and the students can get access to these particular classes by enrolling in them
User Taskflows
Building actual scenarios and task flows that would be carried out by the user (teacher & student).
The teacher has logged into the platform (done with all the authentication formalities). Shared the
class code to their students & the students have also joined the class.

For todays class the teacher has to teach something new and give a feedback to their students on
their progress.
Part 1: Initial Setup
The students join the platform and the students are greeted with the teacher view. The teacher starts of with the student view. The teacher adds music to the library while the students join.
Part 2: The Teaching
The Teacher has uploaded the music they would want to perform/teach on. They now spotlight
their view for the students to look and learn/practice from.
Part 3 : The Division and Observing students
The Teacher is done with her teaching session, now they would like the students to try out whatever has been taught. They group and pin students to perform and spotlights them for others until everybody has got the chance to perform


Creating basic wireframes of major screens
Defining Views
The platform will offer three major views, Teacher view, Student View and Grid view. In addition to this it has the option to pin and spotlight.
Grid View
Both the teachers and students are given equal space for their tile,
every participant has equal screen area.
Teacher View
The teacher is given the majority of the screen, while the students
are equally allotted the minority of the screen
Student View
The Students are given the majority of the screen, while the teacher
is allotted the minority of the screen
People Panel
It is the main panel in the side bar. Features like grouping, views and participant details can be accessed there.
Chat Panel
This is the chat panel on the platform
Assets used in the design
Icon Library
Font Family
High Fidelity Designs
The screens cannot be shared entirely as it contains in-development designs. To take a look at the work in detail ping me!

Learnings and experience

This picture was taken on the last day of my work. The meetings were conducted on the HomeJam platform. I had a wonderful experience with the crew and learnt the art of running a business. The entire experience was highly positive and i got meet and interact with some wonderful people from industry leading experts to learners like me.
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