I am Prasshanna. Product Designer

Currently HCIM @ UMD

Prev. Design @ IIT Guwahati | UX Research @ Samsung


Keeping it simple.

Hi! My name is Prasshanna S. I am currently a graduate student in the Human Computer Interaction Program @ UMD. With over 4 years of design education combined with multiple industry internships, i have built an arsenal of skills to support your next endevour. Here are some of my recent projects below


XR Museum

An extended reality system built to be used in museums to view data in a visually beautiful way like never before.


UYIR: Kids Mental Health Companion

A voice based AI mental health companion for people and kids to talk to and express their feelings about.


Samsung Design

My experience working at the Samsung research institute as a UX designer with the services UX team.


Home Jam

My time as a design intern at Home Jam, an online audio visual platform for collaborative performing arts.

What's next?

Reach out and let me know if there anything you'd like to make together!